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Types Of Diseases Caused By Computer

Vision Impaired, other health problems most frequently reported effect is visually impaired computer users. Impaired vision can cause physical abnormalities. This happens because when vision becomes blurred, then the user's computer will change your body position forward in order to see closer objects' on the monitor more clearly. Visual impairment caused by the use of computers, by The American Optometric Association called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

A study published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health took the sample of 10,000 workers basil eye exam. The work is divided into several groups based on the time spent in front of computers at work and at home at the time. Another thing to consider is the length of use of computers in years. The result is a heavy user of the computer has a vision disorders, including myopia and glaucoma, so it can be seen that heavy computer use has a direct relationship with the onset of myopia and glaucoma.

Dr. Masayuki Tatemichi, Toho University School of Medicine, conducted a study of workers of different place in Japan that has employees more than 5000 people. He divided the worker groups based on how much use the computer, users are divided into mild, moderate, and severe. The result is found to suffer from glaucoma 522 workers.

Nick Astbury said that the Japanese population has a high prevalence of suffering from myopia, as one of the risk of glaucoma. Since computer users not only in Japan, as said David Wright (International Glaucoma Association), the research also should be conducted in other ethnic groups to be tested validity.

EFFORTS handling.
Rest your eyes
Vision that is directed to a computer screen constantly causing fatigue and strain on your eyes. It will cause eye irritation and watery. So, every time you work with computers, occasionally rest your eyes from the computer screen. Let your eyes rest for a moment, so that you avoid eye strain.

Blink eye
During the work, and pejamkanlahlah Blink your eyes frequently. This action will relax your eye muscles are tense and rigid. When closed his eyes, do the massage to your eyes with two fingers so that your vision is getting clearer.

Use eye drops
If your eyes feel sore, use eye drops. It is also to prevent dryness in your eyes. After taking these drops, close your eyes for a few seconds, until the drops that seep into your eyes.

Use adequate lighting
Use adequate lighting when you use the computer. Do not be too dim and not too much glare. Improper lighting will accelerate damage to the eye. It also needs to consider when you are reading and activities by relying on your eyesight, such as writing, presentation, etc..

Use anti-glare screen
Anti-glare screen to protect your eyes from the reflected glare monitor. So, if possible, use anti-glare screen on your computer.

Wear goggles
If your computer can not use the anti-glare screen, use sunglasses every time you looked at a computer. Especially if your eyes are suffering from eye disorders like minus, plus, or cylinder. The use of these glasses will avoid more severe damage to the eye.

Position the monitor
Note the position of your computer safe. Put the computer at a distance of 18 to 50 inches from where you sit. It also needs to be supported in a way you sit. Sit upright but relaxed, not too stiff and do mostly lean. In addition to helping your view, this action also prevents spinal deformity.

Consumption of vitamin
So that your eyes remain healthy, consume vitamins for the eyes regularly. Vitamin A and C is believed to maintain and increase the clarity of your vision function.

Well, from now on consider the health of your eyes well. At the very least, you can perform the above efforts to prevent eye damage caused by the use of computers. Because if not you, then who cares eyes of your senses is most valuable? Congratulations work ...!

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: hand joint disease because it is too long and often uses the keyboard and mouse.

EFFORTS handling.
1. Visibility between the eyes with the computers of at least 60 cm
2. Views between the eyes to the monitor leads slightly down or about 5-15A ° lower than the horizontal eye
3. Try to avoid the reflection of a lamp or the light coming into the monitor
4. The position of the hands on the keyboard should form a 90 degree angle (see picture) as well as the foot
5. Adjust your seat so that the position of the hand to be parallel to the table when you use the keyboard
6. Do not use a computer without stopping (over 2 hours), stood up, a little exercise (strecthing) and walk a short (1 minute) periodically before continuing your work
7. Use the mouse and or keyboard stand for your convenience
8. Use footrest if necessary
9. Use a chair that can support your spine

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